Written Testimonials

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What Our Patients Say?

I was recently involved in a car accident. From the accident, I had neck, back and shoulder pain. It was difficult to lift at times my right arm without help. I was unable to exercise or lift objects at home, making it difficult to do chores. I had to have help! I had x-rays and an evaluation done at Dr. Kosterman's office. From the initial visit, I found out that I had some pinched nerves coming from the accident. Since coming to the chiropractic office receiving adjustments has tremendously helped with my injury. The doctor gave me instructions to do at home along with the adjustments that have really helped me. It is really amazing to find out how adjusting your spine can help you overall health. I am now able to lift my right arm without help. My flexibility has returned. I would and have recommended this practices to my family. Dr. Kosterman is gentle, kind and knowledgeable. Alex is friendly and also helpful. My overall experience was great. Will keep Dr. Kosterman as my chiropractor doctor for continual adjustments.

- Cheryl C.

Dr. Kosterman and his staff have been wonderful to family and me. The office is very flexible with scheduling and very accommodating. Dr. Kosterman has gone above and beyond to help me achieve overall wellness. He listens to my concerns and always follow up with ideas on how to improve my health. I've been a patient of Dr. Kosterman's for over a year now and my headaches have decreased drastically, and my digestive system greatly improved. Dr. Kosterman has also helped my husband regain mobility after a car accident, and has treated my kids ages 6 and 4 for overall wellness. Thanks Dr. Kosterman.

- Lisa D.

Before receiving chiropractic care I suffered with horrible back (lower) pain and task stopping acid reflux. After just a few weeks with Dr. Kosterman I don't need to take acid reflux meds anymore. I didn't realize how badly out of shape my body was. I feel like I have a new back to do everything I want and need to. If you are having trouble deciding on whether to seek chiropractic care, don't hesitate. It works! Dr. Kosterman is obviously talented and takes time to listen to your needs and care!

- Aaron G.

Before receiving chiropractic care I suffer with Lower back, shoulder pain and knee pain, the nagging pain will prevented me from running or every time I try to start running the pain will comeback. Thank you to Dr. Kosterman and Chiropractic, I'm able to run again without restrictions. He has not only help me but also my whole family. Everyone needs to be under Chiropractic care even if you are not in pain. Your spine could be deteriorating and you don't even know until is too late.

- Adolfo R.

While I have been fortunate enough to receive chiropractic care for most of my life, I was especially lucky to be under the care of Dr. Kosterman during my first pregnancy. I experienced many of the aches and pains that expecting moms face: sore back, hips, feet – tingling and numbness in my legs – feeling fatigued.I felt tremendously healthy during my pregnancy – and I credit much of this to my routine chiropractic care with Dr. Kosterman. I had expected that all pregnant moms were doomed to uncomfortable sleep, and aching lower back, and the unmistakable pregnancy waddle. I believe that gentle chiropractic helped me enjoy comfortable sleep, stay flexible and balanced, and even avoid the waddle! The discomforts I felt were minor – and always quickly resolved. Ongoing chiropractic care after childbirth helped with a quick postpartum recovery and continues to help me keep up with the challenge of carrying (and chasing!) my baby boy.

- Aeona M.

Dr. Kosterman immediately found what was ailing my back and got me feeling better in just a couple of days. I would recommend him to anyone with structural or muscular ailments.

- Alan W.

Before Chiropractic every time my son would get a simple cold he would get an ear infection to go with it and a high fever. The first thing I would do was run to the ER and they would give him medication for his fever, ear infection, AND an inhaler. Thanks to Chiropractic and Dr. Kosterman now I know that fevers are actually a good thing(most of the time) and my son doesn't get sick as much as he used to.When he does get sick he recovers very quickly and DOES NOT get ear infections anymore. This last time he got sick we didn't have to use any medication to control his fever or cold. I just brought him to get adjusted and he recovered faster and he even help me clean the house!Thank you so much Dr. Kosterman.

- Alejandra R.

Dr. Kosterman is a wonderful chiropractor. He always takes the time out to listen and explain various ways of healing whether it is through chiropractic services or other means. Highly recommended!

- Ashley N.

I rarely have headaches now and if I do, I come in to have adjustment and I am fixed! My lower back pain has diminished almost entirely. Before receiving chiropractic care, I have had a pinched nerve in my neck. I also have recurring migraines that affected my daily activities at times. Dr. Kosterman has helped me tremendously. I have been seeing him for 2 years and he is my healer! I rarely have headaches now and if I do, I come in to have an adjustment and I am fixed! My lower back pain has diminished almost entirely. I love the fact that he uses a more holistic approach!

- Ashley O.

My initial reason for seeking chiropractic care was a severe lower back injury, but years later and with the injury long since healed, I continue regular visits to Dr. Kosterman for ongoing maintenance as well as treatment of specific issues as they occur. Dr. Kosterman is the best health care professional I know, Alex runs the office politely and efficiently, and both always make you feel like "part of the family". Dr. Kosterman is very effective at providing relief for any physical pain including back pain, any kind of muscle soreness/stiffness, and headaches, but his care goes far beyond that. Dr. Kosterman takes time to listen and understand whatever you need help with. He asks good questions to make sure he understands the details, and follows up with specific adjustments, advice, and recommendations. I have noticed so many unexpected benefits after an extended period of regular chiropractic care. My decades-long sinus allergies are virtually gone, even in the worst part of the pollen seasons. My ability to handle stress is noticeably improved on a daily basis. My mental outlook is clearer and more positive. My energy level is higher and more consistent and sustained. The list goes on and on. Even if you have no physical complaints, I would highly recommend that you visit Dr. Kosterman for a checkup. I always look forward to my visits because I know I will leave feeling better and more capable of handling whatever happens next. I truly believe Dr. Kosterman's care is one of the primary reasons for my ongoing heath and well being.

- Benjamin J.

I started having lower back pain after deadlifting. It would be constant nagging pain throughout the day which prevented me from lifting anything heavy. After about a month and a half of treatment, the pain completely went away and I was able to start lifting again. After dealing with the back pain for approximately 5 months, this was a welcome relief. Seeing a chiropractor was the best decision I could have done help with my spine. Since treatment my back feels years younger.

- Bohdan V.

Dr. Stephen Kosterman and his administrative team provide exceptional, high quality, chiropractic care. The friendly and compassionate treatment our family has received has helped us recover from injuries, remain healthy, and get back to our everyday lives. As a fourth generation chiropractor, Dr. Kosterman has the knowledge gained from a family tradition of chiropractic — a tradition of true concern for the well being of patients. We feel fortunate to have him here in Cary!

- Carol M.

I have arthritis in my knees and was always walking with a limp which constantly caused misalignments causing other aches and pains. I have had one knee replaced but still need the other knee replaced, so there is still some limping. By coming in for regular adjustments I have been able to decrease the joint pains cause by the continual limping. I have also found that I don't get sick as often as my co-workers or if I do get sick I am able to recover quicker. Chiropractic care is part of my regular health care routine. There are so many health benefits from a properly aligned spine. Dr. Kosterman is my Primary Care Physician.

- Carolyn B.

Dr. Kosterman has a gentle demeanor and adjusting touch that allows his patients to feel totally comfortable and relaxed throughout the visit. Great chiropractor, great guy!

- Christopher D.

Stephen is simply the best. I have been having lower back pain issues for years. I met Dr. Kosterman about 7 months ago and started going to his office for some adjustments. In less than 2 months, I was already seeing the difference; I could sit down for an extended period of time without feeling the pain. Now, I'm almost pain free and I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about that anymore. Thanks Dr. Kosterman!

- Cole K.

Had a misalignment in my neck and upper back that was affecting every day activities. Dr. Kostermann helped me to get these issues straightened out and had my back/neck feeling better than ever.

- Conner M.

Prior to chiropractic I did not consider my frame, spine, or alignment as part of my overall health. I also suffer from lower back fatigue and shoulder pain. I just didn't recognize how much getting my back aligned and posture treated could help address my soreness and pain. I manifest stress in my shoulders and upper back, so Dr. Kosterman has been invaluable to align these and alleviate this stress. I can breathe deeper and even feel like my eyesight improves after an alignment. Dr. Kosterman and Alex are also great for customer service and flexibility with my challenging schedule.

- Dana M.

I suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sciatica. my sciatica had been really bad and had caused bad lower back pain. Pain had affected my sleep as well. Since I started coming to Dr. Kosterman, my sciatica has improved drastically since he has been adjusting me. I am having fewer episodes with the lower back pain and my sleep has improved so that I don't get up during the night anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Kosterman to everyone!

- Debbie M.

Alex, the receptionist, always greets me by name. The staff is always unfailingly polite and friendly. As a chiropractor, Dr. Kosterman practices gentle chiropractic care and is always very conscious of the state of my back through both feeling the spinal alignment and asking me direct questions. The first visit he took an x-ray and helped determine the pain in my shoulder was a pinched nerve after I had been to two other chiropractors who had no idea. I live more than an hour away from his office but I'm extremely glad to know where a gentle and competent chiropractic office is.

- Elizabeth F.

Dr. Kosterman and his staff run an efficient and effective operation. Appointments are always on time and the only time I visit an M.D. is for an annual physical. If prevention of medical issues is your priority this practice is an excellent choice.

- Gary B.

Dr Kosterman is very knowlegeable when it comes to chiropractic care and makes you feel confident in his ability to zero in on whatever problem or problems are ailing you and share with you a regular regimen in order to progress to the healthy state you deserve to enjoy. Test him out and see for yourself. You wont regret it!

- Gerri S.

Since I was 13 years old I have lived with neck pain, I have lived with much pain, I have seek for help and taken many pain medications, until I gave up and thought that my reality was living in pain, I had it for so long that it started to become something normal, as I was getting older I had to take stronger and stronger medication for it. Until I met Dr. Kosterman and he started treating me. Dr. Kosterman has helped me a lot with my neck pain and specially to learn that I should not only treat my symptoms but to look for cause of my problem. Thanks to Dr. Kosterman and Chiropractic I feel much better and I dont have to rely on my pain pills anymore. My life has change thanks to Dr. K. I am very thankful because he hasn't only help me but also my son. Dr. Kosterman is not just a Doctor, he is an amazing human being who seeks the well-being of others. Thank you so much Dr. Kosterman. May God Bless You!

- Georgina C.

Dr. Steve, is fun easy and has bright future ahead of him. All this and gets your body in working order.

- Greg S.

Before receiving chiropractic care I had High blood pressure, obesity, spinal migraine headaches (debilitating), pseudotumo cerebri, anxiety. I would not be able to function with the migraines. I would have to spend days in bed in the dark with a cold cloth over my eyes to recuperate. After Chiropractic care my health has improved. I'm free of high blood pressure, I have a headache once or twice a year where I used to have them twice a month or more, no anxiety issues, have reduced my weight by nearly 100 pounds.

- Jackie M.

Before Chiropractic treatment I was having severe headaches on a regular basis. Since getting adjusted regularly I very rarely get headaches thanks to Dr. Kosterman. Chiropractic is AWESOME!! I couldn't have picked a better place to have naturally healed my severe headaches. Dr. Kosterman is a very caring doctor.

- Jamie C.

When I first walked into Dr Kosterman's office I could barely walk. I wasn't sleeping well, I was taking pain meds and muscle relaxers around the clock just to be able to take care of my children. My body was a train-wreck! Within weeks I was back to myself, actually better than before! I have been a patient for over a year now. I am always happy with his care. He always takes time to ask how I am doing and how I am feeling. He spends whatever amount of time with me as necessary to provide me the highest care at every single appointment. I have taken my children to him and he has a wonderful bedside manner across all ages. I have a very liquid schedule and more often than I am proud to say, I have had to change my appointment at the last minute. They always treat me kindly and never like an inconvenience, and without hesitation give me a new appointment time that will fit my day.

- Jamie T.

Dr. Kosterman is a true health and wellness partner. He fully believes in the power the body has to heal itself from injury. I am living proof! I first partnered with Dr. Kosterman in late 2013 for a severe low-back injury. I was experiencing constant pain making it difficult for me to both sit and lay down. I worked diligently with Dr. Kosterman over the following months trusting his process. Overtime, my once rigid and immobile spine, became limber and full of life again. Dr. Kosterman, and his office manager, Alex, are gracious and customer-focused. They go out of their way to make me feel welcome. I feel like family being part of their practice. I could tell story after story about how thankful I am to have them in my life! Dr. Kosterman has counseled me for nearly two years now. I couldn't imagine my life without chiropractic care. I truly am a new person and know that I will enjoy a strong and healthy spine (and body!) for the rest of my life thanks to Dr. Kosterman.

- Jessica W.

I have had chronic back pain most of my adult life. I was not able to do the things I used to be able to do in my younger years – rake leaves, dig holes to plant things in the yard – things I used to be able to enjoy. Dr. K has giving me back my outdoor/gardening life. My back is as strong as it can be at my age, almost as good as it used to be before. I am able to work in the yard again without having to worry about not being able to walk the next day. Not enough people realize how important chiropractic care can be to you whole body, mind and spirit. Thank you Dr. K. for helping me get my life (and back) back on track.

- Julie M.

Sciatica pain particularly after long drives limited my desire to travel. Additionally posture and lack of flexibly in neck affecting peripheral vision. Thanks to chiropractic the torture of sciatica pain has disappeared and long drives are no longer a source of dread. Increased flexibility gives me more confidence in exercising and thereby increasing energy. Regular chiropractic care feels like a "fountain of youth" to me.

- Kathy D.

Before receiving chiropractic care I suffer with back pain. Since beginning treatments I am able to drive long distances without the severe pain that usually occurred before.

- Kevan H.

I am very pleased with the care I am receiving from Dr. Kosterman. He has zeroed in on my problems, treated me with kindness and professionalism, and listened carefully to my concerns. His chiropractic service is of the highest caliber, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. I would like to also mention that his assistant, Alex, is also very professional, kind, and considerate. Thank you.

- Kimberly J.

I had sporadic back pain. This included stiffness and inflexibility which certainly slowed down my ability to enjoy my usual fast-paced activities. After chiropractic care my day-to-day life is much better being able to keep up with my active lifestyle (including chasing after 7 grandchildren!). Not only does my back feel better, but my general sense of well-being has improved. I highly recommend chiropractic care and specially Dr. Kosterman who is not only highly skilled but a genuine caring person.

- Kimberly K.

Before receiving chiropractic care I had chronic low back pain and stiffness in mid-back not a lot of interference with my daily activities but still annoying. After receiving chiropractic care I'm certainly more flexible and aware of my posture and body mechanics. Pain is less than before and I'm more comfortable overall.

- Laird H.

I have been Dr. Kosterman's patient for over a year. He is friendly, listens to my concerns, and never rushes through the appointments. His staff is extremely professional, and customer service focused. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

- Laura W.

Dr. Kosterman makes me feel so welcome when I come. He is a very caring, competent doctor and I feel so much better after my weekly appointment!

- Lauren H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kosterman's for six months and I want to share how much he has improved my quality of life. About nine months ago I started experiencing problems with my arms and shoulders. I couldn't lift them over my head and had excruciating pain. My husband has been going to Dr. Kosterman for over a year, for a bad hip. I have never gone to a Chiropractor before, but I also do not want to be given pills to make the pain go away. My husband saw a documentary on Chiropractic medicine and saw several people with my symptoms that were helped by a Chiropractor. I had frozen arms. Since Dr. Kosterman was so helpful in relieving my husband's pain, I thought I would try it. It was amazing! Within (6) six visits 80% of my pain was gone.

I now go every month for an adjustment. After each appointment, my pain is gone. Thank you Dr. Kosterman for your kindness and expertise! Alex is always helpful, kind and professional.

- Lois O.

Dr. Kosterman has seen me for over a year. I came to him with chronic lower back pain, and his treatment has helped me become pain-free. It was not an overnight fix, but relief came quickly over the course of a few weeks. He is gentle, attentive, and is quick to offer advice on how to prevent pain by focusing on exercise & stretching instead of medication. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

- Luke H.

I started seeing Dr. Kosterman for lower back and hip pain. The pain was keeping me from moving, being active, and sleeping without pain. I have always had good results with chiropractic care and since I have been seeing Dr. Kosterman I am almost completely pain free. More importantly, I am able to continue physical activity and play my favorite sport, Pickle-ball.

- Luis V.

My hands, Knees, and back were hurting me at work. I also had a few episodes of falling at work. Also, had problems waking up in the middle of the night. After visiting Dr. Kosterman the pain in my hands, knees and back has improved. I have less pain doing my job and I'm able to sleep at night. I have not had as many episodes falling since I've started getting adjusted. I would recommend Dr. Kosterman to everyone.

- Marty M.

Before treatment with Dr. Kosterman, I had regular hip pain that prevented me from having what for me is a "regular life." There were good days where I could manage almost normally with no pain, and there were other days where just walking around the office was difficult. I am active person by nature and had really lost hope about my condition when I met Dr. K. Within a short time of receiving treatment, my condition started to improve immensely. Dr. Kosterman's knowledge combined with my determination to be a good patient and invest in my health were the perfect combination to restore my health. With Dr. K's help, I gradually improved my strength and stamina. He not only treated me in the office, but game me exercises I could do while healing to help the process along. Now I am working out on a regular basis and no longer have chronic pain just going through the motions of daily life. Pain no longer limits what I'm able to do. Chiropractic care is a HUGE part of my overall approach to health. Not only has my mobility improved, I have enjoyed good health while others in my office environment are home sick battling whatever virus or bug is going around. I have benefited tremendously from Dr. Kosterman's care and bring my children for regular care as well. They are both active in sports and likewise have escaped sick days from whatever crud is being passed around their schools.

- Michelle F.

Dr. Kosterman is a very kind and gentle Doctor, he makes you feel at ease during your visit. Alex in the front desk is very friendly and helpful. My back and neck pain has certainly improved with each visit. I would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Kosterman for anyone looking for a fantastic Chiropractor.

- Melissa

I have a mild case of M.S. so I don't walk well. My regular chiropractic care has kept me from getting worse. My son is a chiropractor in GA so, I know how vital it is to have regular chiropractic care. This allows me to be active physically and mentally. I swim, work out and travel a lot because my Chiropractic care keeps me going.

- Nancy V.

I have been receiving chiropractic care all of my life. It has drastically reversed all health issues and has prevented me from getting sick. I have also seen how chiropractic care helps those around me. Chiropractic is amazing and will improve your overall health. It has helped me continue my active life style pain free. I would recommend chiropractic to everyone no matter the age.

- Nolan B.

Before receiving chiropractic care I used to suffer with lower back problem pain and the occasional throwing out of my back. Since receiving care I have not thrown out my back once and my back pain is minimal at the most. I am able to resume life regularly without any restrictions.

- Ryan C.

When I first had problems with a pinched nerve in my lower back, I was afraid I would have to have back surgery for the 3rd time (my two other surgeries were for the same problem). Thankfully now that I am seeing Dr. Kosterman, surgery is not even a consideration. My results have been amazing. I actually have more flexibility/mobility now than I have had in years! Thanks Dr. Kosterman! You're the best!

- Sam M.

Have been a patient of Dr. Kosterman's for over a year and he is truly exceptional. He takes the time to listen to the symptoms you are having and offers a number of suggestions for healing. I highly recommend his practice.

- Scott W.

Dr. K. is the best! I had experienced back pain all my life that made it difficult to do household tasks, study and eat gluten. Now I can study without being distracted by back pain and can eat anything I want!

- Seana M.

Before chiropractic I use to have a lot of back pain, arthritis, Migraines and Allergies Problems, Since I have been getting adjusted regularly my back pain and arthritis have diminish drastically, I feel so much better, I can go out of the house without being scare of my allergies and I can sleep so much better now, my migraines are getting better and my digestion its better than ever. I'm very thankful to Dr. Kosterman because thanks to him I feel so much better "Dr. K is my hero" Thank you so much.

- Silvia R.

I have scoliosis, bulging discs and sciatica. I am a nurse and a mom of 2 active boys. I am always on the go. However, the back and leg pain makes it very difficult. Thanks to chiropractic I can walk upright, I can go on walks with my dog again! The pain isn't constant anymore. I have hope that someday it will be gone. Dr. Kosterman is great and I feel I am treated as an individual, NOT just getting "cookie-cutter" treatments!

- Sue C.

Before chiropractic, I had back issues that affected my daily life. After being under chiropractic care my health has improved. I have received great care and have been educated in chiropractic care. Dr. Kosterman and Staff are Excellent.

- Ted L.

My lower back pain always felt like a dark cloud over me and keeping up with 5 kids was a challenge. I really hated asking my family to fetch things for me because getting up and down was literally a pain (in the back)! First of all I'd like to thank Dr. Kosterman and Alex for running a friendly, fast and free of pain practice. Not only do I have a handle on my lower back trouble but I feel encouraged to be proactive in living a more healthy life style (being more active and eating better). As long as I'm able, I will continue with regular chiropractic adjustments and my goal is to get my whole family to have healthy spines which is essential to overall wellbeing.

- Theresa M.

When I came to Dr. Kosterman's office for the first time I was having pain in my groin area and my digestive system had not been right for over 15 years. In the mornings I was not able to bend my back forward more than 25%. He told me that these types of things should not be happening (especially the back restriction) to someone that was 37 years old. He did his initial assessment and saw that my neck was out of alignment and that my lower back was in between a 2-3 in severity of damage. He told me there was a possibility that we could stop the damage from increasing, but it would take about 24 visits. I decided to start the treatment and almost immediately all of the issues I was having went away. My groin pain was gone after one week, my back movement restriction was gone during that first week and my digestive system has not had any issues for the last month in a half. It has been great. I will say that I don't really feel any different after an adjustment and that is due to the fact that my issues were never at a severe level, but the continued "tune up" every once in a while is going to keep me headed in the right direction. As far as the office atmosphere, it could not be better. Dr. Kosterman and Alex are smiling every time I come in and are always soft spoken and willing to meet my schedule demands and listen to me drag on about my family. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kosterman for any Chiropractic needs that you may have and have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy being a patient of his.

- Tyler B.

*Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.